Tips for Using Alternative Links while Betting Online

There are thousands of betting sites on the World Wide Web today. And when it comes to choosing one that meets your gaming needs, top betting companies such as William Hill, Bet365, 1XBet, 888 Sport, and Betway always top the list. However, punters in countries that have placed restrictions on gambling find it hard to access any of the above popular betting sites. And despite the popularity that Bet365 and other bookmarkers experience around the globe, such sportsbooks are blocked in some regions. With such a limitation, a question of alternative betting links or mirror sites always come to mind.

But let’s face it. Not every alternative betting link will work. Technical problems, location restrictions, broken links, and many other reasons could prevent you from accessing mirror betting sites. Thus, another vital question comes to mind. How can a punter use alternative links when betting online? Well, this post explores everything you to know.

Finding Alternative Betting Links

Before you learn how to use alternative betting links, start by finding links that work. But the question is can you get mirror links for your favorite bookie? The truth is that there are several ways of going about it such as:

Official Bookie Websites

Tips for Using Alternative Links while Betting Online

For starters, you should check the official websites of betting companies for alternative links to a betting platform. It is especially important when you want to avoid scam mirror sites or links that might anonymously install malware or spyware on your device. If you do not find such a link on the official website of say, Bet365, contact customer support for directions. There is always a good chance that mirror links may not be visible on betting sites.

Websites of Bookie Affiliates/Agents

Another approach to finding alternative links that work is checking the websites of affiliates or agents. Most sportsbooks have affiliates or have partner agents through which they get referrals to their websites. While a quick keyword search for such information will pull up hundreds of results, always confirm with the official betting companies for link verification.

Check with Trusted Betting Review Websites

There are thousands of websites where you can read a review about betting sites and mirror links. But when it comes to choosing one that would meet your needs, always go with trusted, verified, reliable, and independent review platforms. It is because some betting companies pay reviewers to write only the good things about their services. However, not one wants to end up clicking a link that leads them to the wrong place. It emphasizes the need to look for alternative link reviews that are objective.

Are Alternative Links Safe?

Using alternative links is one thing but assessing their safety is something different. Generally, alternative links are very safe. They give you access to the main bookmarker sites, albeit, via a different URL. Once you land on a mirror betting site, you get the same features such as betting markets, in-play gaming, cash-out, same odds, live stream, and more. It feels as though you are placing your bets on the official bookmarker platform. Note that alternative links are most useful in countries where some bookies do not operate.

Tips on Using Alternative Links Safety

Once you have the right link to a betting or casino website, the next question is how do you use it?  Well, the following tips should help you do right:

Always Factor In Device Compatibility

Tips for Using Alternative Links on Different Devices

Some mirror links for sportsbooks and online sites work like gaming apps. Because you do not want to click a link that leads to nowhere, research beforehand to get the right links for your device. It means that some links are compatible with your Android smartphone while others work best on the iPhone. Note that there are links that are created solely for use on desktop devices such as a personal computer.

Only Use Trusted Links

With many mirror links on the web from which to choose one that works, you should not rule out the possibility of clicking the wrong link. It begs the question, how then do you pick the correct and trusted link from the pack? At a glance, identifying trusted alternative links can be tricky. But a closer review should help you find your way around. You should either check with a trusted reviewer of betting sites or with the official bookmarker. In a nutshell, only trusted alternative links should lead you to the right betting site.

Avoid VPN When Using Alternative Links

The purpose of a virtual private network is to help internet users access blocked websites. On the other hand, alternative links serve the purpose of letting punters access and register with blocked sportsbooks in their countries. Thus, using a VPN alongside a mirror link would not be a good idea. It is because most betting companies are keen on ensuring that punters do access their platforms using unscrupulous methods. Provided that you have got a working mirror link, you do not need to hide your IP address or reroute your traffic. Everything else, including signing up and placing bets becomes seamless and easy.

Do Not Login With Several Links

Every mirror links serve the interest of players in a given location. And while some are universal, you should not log in to your account using several links. For example, despite having several alternative links for Bet365, all of them lead to the same platform. You could say, the link you use today should be the same one tomorrow.

Final Thoughts on Using Alternative Links

Betting sites get blocked because of one reason or the other. In countries where gambling is prohibited, punters are likely to encounter such challenges as not being able to access a sportsbook. Sometimes it happens because of legislations that bar bookmarkers from operating in certain territories. Moreover, website downtime can make a sportsbook such as 1xBet inaccessible. And with so many alternative links from which to choose one that works in your region, the above tips should help you do the right thing. Remember that sometimes alternative links expire, leaving you with no option but to request a new one.