What to do if the the mirror is not working?

Mirror links have become indispensable, especially in countries where some betting sites are blocked. If you do not wish to use a VPN to register/join a betting site, a working alternative link is all you need to get started. However, with so many mirror websites on the web, you should always take care not to click just any link. You do not want to risk exposing your data by trying any link you find on review sites. Some are at best, scams. In this post, we answer the question, what if a mirror link stops working. Well, there are quick fixes you can make when that happens. But first, let’s explore the basics.

Why a Mirror Link May Stop Working?

While there is always a good chance that a mirror link will work, sometimes the opposite happens. With so many mirror links leading to the same betting site, sometimes a glitch happens. It could be that a mirror site you have always visited no longer exists or a link to it is broken. However, there is a way out. To help you figure out your way around such instances, let’s start by exploring possible reasons why a mirror link will not work.

Blocked By the Government

The more mirror links appear on the web, the more they get blocked by governments. It is especially the case when a government discovers that a banned gambling entity is accessible within its jurisdiction. Betting sites that have been blocked are especially the main culprit when it comes to blocking of mirror sites.

Device compatibility Issues

Sometimes a mirror link will not work because it is not compatible with your device. It is especially the case when accessing a betting site via a mobile device. Thus, punters looking to join a betting site via working mirror links should ensure the mobile links they choose are compatible with either an Android or iOS device. Also, note that there are links built for devices that run on windows.

To get it right with device compatibility, always get your links from reliable and trustworthy partner/agent websites. In cases where a betting site provides such options, you only need to click a link that is compatible with your device.

Broken Link/Link Error

A case of a broken link can also explain why a mirror does not work. There are many reasons why a link may get broken. For example, removing a destination page means a mirror link will no longer lead to an intended landing page. An invalid website URL is another possible explanation for a broken mirror link. While website owners can fix broken links upon notification, you can always look for alternatives.

502 Bad Gateway

Once in a while, you must have ended up with a ‘bad gateway' response when trying to access a website. It also happens with mirror links. The big question is why does a bad gateway happen? It occurs when an upstream server sends an invalid response code to a gateway server. A bad gateway makes it impossible to access a website.

Wrong URL

Failing to access a betting site via an alternative/mirror link also happens when you click a wrong URL link. URL links are the website links displayed in the address bar. If a wrong link does not lead you to something different, you are likely to get a response that the website does not exist or deleted. Thus, always ensure a working mirror link displays the correct URL.

Expired Link

An expired link is that which no longer works. With such URLs, you cannot access a betting site. Often, governments block alternative links to mirror betting sites as soon as they notice them. It is commonplace in countries where gambling is illegal. However, betting sites always create new links as soon as they notice something wrong. Most importantly, having lots of mirror links gives punters several options. Thus, when a link expires, you always have another option.

Mirror Link Not Working? Do The Following

Accessing your favourite betting site within a restricted jurisdiction can be tricky, especially if a mirror link fails to work. But if you are determined to place your bet, there is always a way out. Here are a few notable tips.


When a mirror link does not work, it has likely been blocked. However, all is not lost. You can still access blocked betting sites via a virtual private network-VPN. A VPN lets you access a blocked site using a false IP address. For example, if you want to access Bet365 in India but it is blocked, use a VPN to route your connection to a country when the gaming site operates legally.

Get a Working Mirror Link from Trustworthy Sources

Do not just source mirror links from just anywhere on the web. To avoid ending up with a link that is broken, blocked, or the wrong URL, always test links provided by bookmarkers. You can also get a working link from review websites that sample the best alternative links to betting sites such as Bet565, 1xBet, William Hill, and others.

Use the Latest Version of Your Browser

Some mirror links may not work on outdated browsers. To avoid such unfortunate eventualities, always ensure that your web browser is up to date. Note that your online safety is also a guarantee when using an updated web browser.

Check Link for Device Compatibility

Even if you have many alternative links to a mirror betting site, device compatibility plays a significant role in having the ultimate gaming experience. A link that works on your android device may not work on your windows phone or iOS-run smartphone. However, some links are universal, hence work with any device.

Check for Geographic Restrictions

Geographical restrictions may help explain why some mirror links don’t work. For example, a mirror that is created for punters in Bangladesh will not work in India or any other country. But among the many options, some links are universal hence usable in any part of the world.

last update : December 2023