1xBet Mirror Link for Ireland – Jun 2023

Using mirror links to access some of the world's best betting sites is nothing new, yet it can be confusing at first. If you are unfamiliar with the term mirror links or alternative links, let us give you a brief insight. Basically, mirror links are alternative URL addresses that you can visit in order to access a site that you may not be able to otherwise. In the case of 1xBet, these can help you squeeze past restrictions based on your location. And the best part is that this is a perfectly legal thing to do – so you don’t need to feel like you are engaging in any sort of illicit activity.

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1xBet Ireland1xBet Alternative Link
1xBet Ireland Use this 1xBet Mirror Link
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As a matter of fact, thousands of punters around the world use alternative links to access major betting sites and to sign up. When doing so, these betting sites will not restrict your access just because you are using a mirror link. And besides – if they did, they would be losing out on valuable customers such as yourself! So before we continue and look into how to sign up with mirror links and get into what 1xBet entails, just know that mirror links are legal and that they are easy to access.

We’ve put together some of the more reliable 1xbet alternative links to access the bookmaker's website on this page, so just browse away and give them a try when you like. If you want an extra degree of safety when using these 1xBet mirror links, you can always combine your activity with a VPN on your chosen device too.

1xBet Mirror/Alternative Link

Signing up using a 1xBet alternative link

1xBet is one of the top betting brands in the entire world, there is no denying that. So, naturally, this site is in high demand, even from punters who cannot register on the site through the regular URL. On that note, we’d like to show you how you can register with 1xBet while using a mirror link to skip past any restrictions. This is detailed in the steps we’ve outlined below:

  • Use a 1xBet mirror link to get on the registration page
  • Make your sign in details (username with password)
  • Provide person info – email, phone, address, date of birth, name, etc.
  • If prompted for a promo code – enter it now
  • Click the terms and conditions box then sign up

As you can see, although you are technically using an ‘alternative site’, the registration process remains consistent with the main site. And with just a handful of steps that you are required to run through, it takes literally minutes to visit the site through a mirror link, enter the necessary personal details, and then be up and running. Like most betting sites, you may be asked to provide proof of important information such as address and date of birth, so just be prepared for that if 1xBet requests such information.

1xBet – available features on the site

We’ve already established that 1xBet is one of the very best betting brands in the world today, but it is natural to wonder why this is the case. Well – it all starts with the advanced features that the site boasts, to begin with, and these are described below.

Live Streaming

This is a feature in high demand by sports punters these days. With TV subscriptions and alternative streaming sites being quite expensive at times, finding a betting site that offers streaming is both cost-effective and convenient. On that note, we can happily report that 1xBet supports live streaming in a big way, as it has video streaming for multiple sports. Before we highlight the sports that you can watch with 1xBet, we should also state that to access streaming, you must have funds in your account or have made a bet in the last 24-48 hours.

Now, coming back to the available sports, 1xBet has loads of sports you can live stream. This includes sports like tennis, horse and greyhound racing, football, rugby, basketball, cricket, American football, and plenty of others. Streaming can actually be enjoyed through the 1xBet mobile platforms or the desktop site, and the quality of the stream is excellent on both platforms. To initiate a stream, you simply need to hit the play button next to the listed event, and the stream should automatically begin.

Live Betting

To add to the excitement of streaming live sport with 1xBet, you can also bet on live events through the in-play section of the site. We would encourage you to click the in-play link in the sportsbook to filter through and see only the live markets, as this will allow you to look for a valuable market and get your bet placed quickly. The odds for the live markets are just as competitive as they are for the pre-match markets, yet they can fluctuate quite frequently and quite drastically depending on what’s occurring in your chosen event. But this is where the opportunity of live betting really presents itself, for you can make bets that you possibly wouldn’t have been able to do before the game/match started.

With 1xBet, the site covers live betting for almost all of the sports that it covers, with the exception of sports where live betting isn’t really suitable (horse racing for example). On top of this, 1xBet has made it super simple to actually make a live wager, which is important since the odds can change so quickly. All you need to do is browse the in-play markets, hit your desired wager, then away you go. In order to maximize your excitement with 1xBet, we’d advise you to bet on live markets that you can also stream. Once again, just look for the small play button next to the live market to confirm whether you can stream it or not.

Payment methods / Currencies available

1xBet is a site that operates on multiple continents and therefore offers services for many countries around the world. With that being the case, it is normal to expect that 1xBet offers betting services in multiple currencies, which is exactly the case. Of course, this means that for punters based in Ireland, it is simple to deposit funds and make wagers in Euros. And to add to this convenience factor, 1xBet has plenty of payment methods you may perform transactions with on its site. This includes common payment methods such as bank transfers, e-wallets (Skrill/Neteller), PayByPhone, PayPal, Prepaid Card, and many more. As a matter of fact, 1xBet has more than 20 methods you can use for deposits and withdrawals.

This is a significant range compared to other betting sites in Ireland, and with low minimums for deposits and withdrawals, you don’t need to be a high-roller to manage your 1xBet finances with ease. When making transactions with 1xBet, you are also protected thanks to SSL encryption software, which essentially shields any financial data you enter when using the site and keeps it out of the wrong hands! This is obviously a huge benefit, and this technology is applied whether you are depositing/withdrawing from the 1xBet mobile platforms or the desktop site.

Customer support

The last feature we’d like to draw your attention to is the immense customer support that is offered by 1xBet. We don’t use the term immense lightly either, as 1xBet allows you to contact the team 24 hours a day. Obviously, this means that you can speak with a representative day and night, and you can do so through a channel of your choice too. The available support methods that 1xBet has includes social media messaging, phone, email, and live chat, so as you can see, there are several options on the table. But if you are concerned about response times, we would then suggest that you contact the team through social media messaging (Facebook/Twitter), phone, or live chat. These are by far the quickest methods, with agents usually joining the chat or picking up the phone within a minute or two.

This window of opportunity for customer support really puts the 1xBet members at ease, as you won’t just be left in the dark if you encounter technical or any other issues. Of course, if you’d prefer not to speak with a team or you feel your problem is quite common, you can always click the FAQ link through the 1xBet help pages.


Are the 1xBet odds competitive?

Yes – extremely. Whether you are investigating the markets for football, horse racing, tennis, golf, or any other sports, it is rare that the odds provided are below what you will find at other betting sites. In fact, it is quite common for 1xBet to give odds that are much higher, which makes them highly competitive.

Do I need to wait long for withdrawals?

Not really. With many withdrawal options available, you can effectively control your own destiny with how long you wait for withdrawals to come through. That’s because there are different processing times for different methods, with e-wallets like PayPal or Neteller being the quickest to process by far.

Does 1xBet have promotions?

Of course. Any betting site that is appealing to punters offers a wide range of promotions these days, and that’s exactly the case with 1xBet. You can easily click through to the respective promotions page once you’ve logged in, and here you can see what kind of offers/bonuses you are actually eligible for.

How much do I need to bet?

In order for your bet to be accepted on the 1xBet site, you need to bet at least €1 for the pre-match markets. This is pretty much the standard minimum for betting sites all over the world, but as you can see, this isn’t a particularly high minimum. And to make things even better, this minimum drops significantly for live betting markets.

Are there mobile betting opportunities?

Of course. 1xBet is more than just a desktop betting site, as it has a mobile app that is simply awesome, and it can be installed for Android or iOS right now. From the mobile app you can enjoy all products and bet on all markets. If you don’t want to get the mobile app, you can always make your bets from the mobile site.

Is 1xBet a trustworthy site?

Yes. 1xBet has been in the online sports betting game for many years. During this time, it has grown to be used by thousands of members around the globe, not to mention that it has the required license to do so.

Are there any other products?

Yes. 1xBet has sports betting as one of its main product offerings, but there is more to explore as well. In fact, after opening your new 1xBet account, you can then access casino gaming, poker, bingo, and even live casino gaming.

1xBet Mirror Link for Casino Games

Can I cash-out sports bets?

1xBet does have this feature, yes. With that said, you will only be given cash-out opportunities if the bet is going in your favor, and to see whether you have such an offer, just check out the ‘my bets’ link from your account.

1xBet Alternative Link for Mobile

Although we’ve discussed how to get onto the 1xBet site through a desktop mirror link, this is also possible for those that want to access the site on mobile. In order to do just that, there are separate URL links for the 1xBet mobile site, but these are just as safe and secure to use as the desktop mirror links. In order to use these links successfully, just choose from one of the mobile links we’ve given on this page, and then proceed to register with 1xBet as normal. These links can actually be used from a smartphone or from a tablet device, although we’d recommend using them through a secured internet connection.

To do just that, you might feel more secure by accessing the mobile 1xBet alternative links while using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). These can be downloaded onto your device for free, and there are also paid options out there too. Either way, it keeps your browsing activity perfectly secure.