What is a Mirror Link / Alternative Link

A mirror link is a replica of the original link, created by bookmakers to allow access to customers in countries where there is censorship by the government. In rare cases, some platforms may create an alternative link to minimize web traffic by improving the accessibility of the original site. Mirror links are safe to use as they offer the same security standards as the original links.

Is it Legal to Use a Mirror Link?

It is absolutely legal to use an alternative link. Remember, even a mirror site is an official website. It is an easier way of accessing a bookmaker’s platform, even when in unrestricted countries.


1xbet is a Russian operator established in 2007. The bookmaker is licensed by the Curacao Authority –  a reputable regulator in the online gaming market. 1xbet is outstanding in many ways. First, its wide array of markets that include sports betting, casino, financials, and eSports, to mention a few makes a player’s betting choices unlimited. Keen to note, is the operator’s platform website versatility; it’s easy to navigate, intuitive, and pleasant to the eye. To say the least, veteran players and new visitors to the site will have an easy time to use the website.

1xBet logo

While you might have thought freebies is a cliché among online betting sites, 1xBet backs its offers with real prizes and realistic wagering requirements. Simply put, its world-class!

The online has your back when it comes to security, it lets enjoy gaming online while it takes care of your online safety. Through use of sophisticated technology such as encryption, rest assured your information is in safe hands while with 1xBet.

Although it is situated in Russia, the platform offers services in many countries across the world. Its servers are accessible to players from different regions even those from jurisdiction with restricted gambling. Our online gambling review experts lay bare all you need to know about accessing this online premium site through mirror links.

1xbet mirror link

1xbet creates mirror links so that players in such regions do not miss their offers and services. Using the link is quite resourceful, as you do not need to download any VPN. The links keep changing, so you have to follow up for working now alternative link.

Get 1xbet working now mirror link

The Alternative links are different; therefore, one link may work for a certain person while the same may refuse to work for another. The links are targeted for players from different locations, so it is better to check out for links accessible from your region. However, we’ve done all the hard work for you, and identified some of the working links currently.

How to use 1xbet alternative link

Using a 1xbet mirror link is straightforward. A simple click on the link automatically directs you to the official website. Alternatively, you may copy the link to your preferred browser. Once on the website, you can create an account, make a deposit and start wagering.

1xbet Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, gambling is legalHowever, it is within the power of all municipal regions to impose outright bans and restrictions on gambling activities according to their preferred policies. All online platforms that wish to offer services to players in this country must have a license by the government. The introduction of this Gambling Act in 2017 helped create a licensing scheme in the country, which allowed some operators to operate there. If you want to enjoy an incredible gaming experience with numerous sports betting markets and events, create your 1xbet account today. Casino gamers are also welcome.

1xbet Belgium

The Belgian Gaming Commission monitors all illegal gambling activities in the country and takes subsequent actions. Any operator in the country must have a license by the commission as a sign of adherence to its rules and regulations. All offshore platforms must have the required licenses to operate in Belgium. 1xbet accepts players from Belgium and they can sign up using an alternative link.

1xbet Hungary

The key regulatory authority in Hungary is the Gambling Supervisory Authority. It is responsible for supervising, licensing, penalizing, and registry maintenance of gambling operations in the country. 1xbex is legal in Hungary, and players from this country access the bookmaker’s site through the original link. The Hungary government only accepts operators with a valid gambling license, and 1xbet is one of them.

1xbet Poland

It is wrong to engage in any illegal gambling or any form of foreign gaming in Poland. The gambling law in the country imposes strict rules for gaming operators and severe penalties for any violation. In general, gambling in Poland is legal for locally licensed operators. For an offshore website to operate in Poland, they must have a Polish Online Gambling license. Any platform that accepts citizens from this country without a license is blacklisted. However, 1xBet accepts Polish players who don't live in the Republic of Poland.

1xbet Cyprus

In Cyprus, online gaming is illegal, except for sports betting, which requires a class B license. The operating license is issued by the National Gambling Authority. The Cyprus Betting Act 2012 regulates gambling activities and prohibits all types of land-based or online casinos in the country. This gaming law is strictly followed, and fines are imposed on those breaking it. Since players are allowed to participate in sports betting, 1xbet accepts registrations from Cyprus, and the site is accessible through the original link.

1xbet Croatia

The Croatia government legalized online gambling in 2010. Operators who wish to run gambling sites must comply with the Online Interactive Casino Gaming laws set by the government. Anyone who has attained the legal age of 18 years and above is allowed to engage in online gaming. Unfortunately, 1xbet does not accept players from this country. If you want to play at 1xbet in Croatia, you can access the site through a mirror link.

1xbet Estonia

Estonia allows its residents to gamble online but has some regulations in place since 2010. The country has two main regulatory laws – Gambling Act and the Gambling Tax Act. It is responsible for supervising, licensing, penalizing, and registry maintenance of gambling operations in the country. 1xbet accepts players from Estonia, but players from this country may need to use an alternative link to access the bookmaker’s site.

1xbet Germany

The German gambling legislation is unclear, after two failed attempts in introducing a permanent regulatory regime. However, the government is set to introduce the Third State Treaty on Gambling. It is expected to pave the way for the regulation of online gambling in the country. 1xbet accepts registrations by players from Germany. If you are in this country, you can access the platform using an alternative link and enjoy an incredible gaming experience.

1xbet Greece

In Greece, it is legal to participate in online and offline gambling. The gaming activities are regulated by the Hellenic Gaming Commission. It is responsible for offering gambling licenses in the country. Recently, the regulator confirmed that it would issue more licenses to online sports betting sites and casinos at fair prices. Players from this country are free to join the 1xbet platform to enjoy features like live streaming, live betting and cashing out.

1xbet Ireland

Gambling in Ireland is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. It means that gaming in online casinos and sportsbooks is legal in the country. The legalization of foreign sports betting sites was done in 2015 after an amendment to the previous betting act. Sports betting, especially horse racing, remains to be the best revenue source in the Irish gambling industry. One of the popular betting sites in Ireland is 1xbet. The site offers a vast range of sports betting markets to Irish players and other enticing features to keep them hooked. Players from this country can use a mirror link to access the platform.

1xbet Latvia

Online Gambling has been legal in Latvia since 2017 and is regulated by the national government. All gambling activities are monitored by a national body called the Control Department. The licensing process, however, falls under the legal department. Companies operating here must have a Latvian license. 1xbet accepts players from this country, and for some time now, this betting has attracted a lot of players through its services and products. Those who have not joined the platform are welcome for an exciting gaming experience.


1xbet Lithuania

According to Lithuania gambling laws, it is legal to play on foreign sitesThe government protects the players who get into action with foreign operators.1xbet, however, does not accept players from this country. You can access the platform through an alternative link and start your betting journey if you have attained the legal age of 18 years.

1xbet Netherlands

Like many other European countries, online gaming is legal in the Netherlands but under state monopoly. As such, real money wagers can only be placed on state-owned casinos, while foreign casinos and sportsbooks are prohibited. The main gambling authority in the Netherlands is Kansspelautoriteit (KSA). It issues licenses, imposes fines and controls all legal online casinos. Gambling in the Netherlands is regulated by the Game of Chance Act, whose main goal is to prevent addictions by Dutch citizens. 1xbet accepts players from the Netherlands and you can sign up on the platform using an alternative link.

1xbet Romania

Gambling is legal in Romania, provided the necessary authorizations and licenses are obtained. Both online and land-based gaming is legally allowed. The issuing of licenses in this country is done by the Gambling Commission. This government regulatory body monitors all betting activities to prevent illegal actions and minimize addictions among the countries where there are unlicensed operators.

1xbet Sweden

The current gambling laws in Sweden place all the power of gaming to a state-owned monopoly. This is, however, bound to change as the European Union puts pressure on Sweden to allow foreign operators in the country. As such, lawmakers are now focused on making changes to the current system. Gambling in Sweden is regulated by Svenska Spel, which only allows legal and regulated gaming in the country. Most leading offshore betting sites still accept Swedish registrations since they do not have reliable means in place to censor offshore platforms. We would highly recommend the 1xbet platform to both new and experienced players from this country.

1xbet Spain

Gambling in Spain has been legal for more than 30 years. The Spanish Gambling Act regulates all gambling activities and prohibits companies who do not have appropriate licenses from operating in the country. All operators must obtain a license from the National Gambling Commission. 1xbet does allow players to wager on the platform. It is a reliable site that I would highly recommend to all players in Spain. For someone to join the platform, they must have attained the legal age of 18 years and above.

1xbet Slovakia

The gambling legislation in Slovakia has undergone many changes. The government legalized igaming for companies operating within the country. Later in 2017, several big brands were blacklisted, and huge fines were charged to those breaking the rules. The Slovakia parliament has recently drafted a new gambling act set to bring more changes to the country's gambling laws. If you are in Slovakia and you would like to play at 1xbet, simply check out for a working mirror link to access the platform.

1xbet Slovenia

Gambling in Slovenia is legal, and players are allowed to access online casinos and sports betting platforms. In Slovenia, gambling is among the industries bringing high revenue to the economy. Slovenian gaming legislation has undergone several changes. Today, Slovenia features one of the most competitive and modern gambling laws. All gambling activities are monitored by the government. Sites operating in the country must hold a license. Players can freely wager on this platform by using an alternative link. 1xbet is a highly secured platform that guarantees maximum safety.


Bet365 is a highly trustworthy and prominent bookmaker in the industry. It is licensed by top regulators including the UK Gambling Commission for its UK operations and Malta Gaming Authority for its operations outside UK.


Bet365 heaps lots of praises from its customers for the obvious reasons that players look for in a betting site. Top of the list include its lightning fast payouts, attractive promotions, simple interface, and mobile friendly app. In all fronts, the bookmaker has covered all the bases of an outstanding online betting site.

Bet365 operates in more than 200 countries across the world, with millions of registered customers. However, the bookmaker is restricted in some countries, and it becomes a setback for bettors in such countries to use the services of this bookie. However, if you are one of those players who can access the site from your location, we got your back! We provide to you a list of alternative links to access the real Bet365 site. No technical expertise or configuration required. Nada! Below is how you can access the site.

Bet365 mirror link

Bet365 mirror link is highly reliable and is created with the primary aim of providing players with an easier way of accessing the website. Using this link is impressive, as you do not need to download any software like a VPN. However, you must check out the working now link as they keep changing.

Get bet365 working now mirror link

Here is the current working link at Bet365.

How to use bet365 alternative link

Using a Bet365 mirror link is hassle-free. A quick click on the link directs you to the website. You can as well copy the link on your browser.

Bet365 Albania

For a long time, the Albania government allowed its citizens to play on online foreign sites. However, in 2019 the parliament passed a law banning all sorts of gambling in the country. This was in a bid to minimize gambling addiction among players. Bet365 still accepts players from Albania despite government orders. If you are in this country, you can use a mirror link to be on the safer side.

Bet365 Bangladesh

Online betting has recently gained popularity in Bangladesh. Players from this country use international betting sites licensed in other places like Malta and the United Kingdom. Bet365 is legal in Bangladesh and punters from this country can access Bet365 by using an alternative link. The legal age of engaging in online gambling is 18 years and above. There is a wide range of betting markets, as well as enticing offers for Bangladesh players.

Bet365 China

Any form of gambling is illegal in China, whether online or land-based. Although it is a punishable offence, citizens from this country still exercise online gaming. There are various foreign igaming platforms that accept players from China, including bet365. Players from this country can easily access the platform via an alternative link for an incredible gaming experience.

Bet365 Hungary

As we mentioned earlier, the major regulatory body in Hungary is the Gambling Supervisory Authority. The regulator is responsible for multiple actions relating to gambling, including supervision, licensing, penalizing, and registry maintenance. Online betting is legal in Hungary, and Bet365 is among the most popular bookmakers in the country. The Hungary government closely monitors all gambling activities to ensure that its citizens do not engage in illegal actions. Bet365 offers a wide range of betting opportunities, competitive odds and enticing offers, and players are sure to enjoy gaming here.

Bet365 India

The general law governing online gambling in India is the Public Gambling Act, 1867. The act prohibits gambling in the country. Most states have adopted the act in India, while others have come up with their own legislation to govern and regulate gambling in their territory. As such, gambling legislations depend on the states. Bet365 accepts Indian registrations, and players from this country can access the platform without any issues.

Bet365 Indonesia

While gambling in Indonesia is illegal, the government’s approach results in several loopholes and gaps. Currently, there is little to stop Indonesians from accessing foreign gambling sites. In fact, top betting sites like bet365 still allow Indonesian registrations. Players from this country can access bet365 through the original or the alternative link. Bet365 has long attracted players from this country by offering multiple betting markets, enticing offers, and quick payouts.

Bet365 Korea

Gaming is illegal in Korea under Chapter 23 of the Criminal Act. This applies even to citizens who are abroad, as stated under the Gambling Laws of the country. However, Bet365 accepts registrations from South Korean players. If you find it unsafe to use the original link, you can use an alternative link. There are many enticing offers at bet365 that you do not want to miss.

Bet365 Lithuania

Lithuania gambling laws allow players to participate in gambling. Players can participate in online gaming even in offshore sites, provided they hold the required licensing. The government protects the players who get into the action with foreign operators. One of the popular betting sites in Lithuania is Bet365. Players in this can join the platform using the original link and enjoy a range of betting products. Whether seasoned or novice, this platform is suitable for you!

Bet365 Slovakia

We had mentioned earlier that Slovakia gambling laws have undergone various modifications. The government legalized igaming for companies operating within the country. Later in 2017, several big brands were blacklisted, and huge fines were charged to those breaking the rules. The Slovakia parliament has recently drafted a new gambling act that is set to bring more changes to the gambling laws in the country. Bet365 accepts Slovakia registrations, meaning that players from this country do not need a mirror link to access the platform.

Bet365 Switzerland

The Switzerland government recently blocked foreign gambling sites from the Swiss market. Players in this country can use domestic sites only. You must have attained the legal age of 18 years and above to participate in online gambling. The law allows only platforms that are certified by the local regulator to operate. As such, punters from this country who wish to wager at bet365 must use a mirror link to access the website. This method does not allow the local governments to make any complaints.

1xbet Switzerland


Bet365 Croatia

Gambling in Croatia has been legal since 2010. Both online and offline gaming is legal to those who have attained the legal age of 18 years and above. Those operators who wish to offer betting services in Croatia must comply with the Online Interactive Casino Gaming laws. The laws were passed by the Croatia government in 2014. All gambling activities in the country are closely monitored by the ministry of finance. Bet365 is among the leading operators in Croatia, and punters from this country are free to wager on this platform.

Disclaimer: The above information is subject to change; please refer to Bet365 online platforms for the latest updates.